What will be your life mantra for 2013?


Let’s make 2013 a year that we live full out in goodness and show our beautiful colors to ourselves and the world!

Where have you been, where do you want to go? What do you want for your soul in the New Year? Do you want to be more helpful to others? Do you want to be more respectful to your body? Do you want to learn not to sweat the small stuff? Do you want to live more in the present moment?

Dig deep – beyond material things – discover the truth you want to achieve or live this coming year…Write it out…then create your mantra, a synopsis your new pursuit or promise to yourself – for the New Year and commit to it – in 2013 daily: say it out loud, use it in your mind, write it each morning or each evening….journal on how you’re doing (don’t fret setbacks!!!!)

Let’s make it a year that we live full-out in goodness and show our beautiful colors to ourselves and the world!

Please: Share your mantra here – inspire others!!!!


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Hi! My name is Jill Boileau and I'm on a mission! As the only certified Journal to the Self instructor in Quebec, an award-winning writer who focused my career in Communications for 25 years , AND as a lifelong journaler: I want to make journal writing the new yoga! Like yoga, journal writing is inspiring, centering, transformative, and healing. I definitely think it deserves to be as popular and as well-practiced worldwide. So I've now dedicated my life and career to being an instructor, teacher, and advocate of journal writing - and working toward achieving my mission. Thanks for visiting my blog! Would love you to visit my website too: www.holisticjournaling.ca
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