Journaling heals us all

creative-writing-reflective-journaling“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to
sit quietly in a room alone.”
– Blaise Pascal

Just another reason spending time alone with your journal helps heal not only you, but the world.

Spend some alone time with your journal today, for you and for all of us.


About HolisticJournaling

Hi! My name is Jill Grumbache and I'm on a mission! As a Certified Journaling Instructor (CJI) through the Center for Journal Therapy, an award-winning writer who focused my career in Communications for 25 years, and a lifelong journaler: I want to make journal writing the new yoga! Like yoga, journal writing is inspiring, centering, transformative, and healing. I definitely think it deserves to be as popular and as well-practiced worldwide. So I've now dedicated my life and career to being an instructor, teacher, and advocate of journal writing - and working toward achieving my mission. Thanks for visiting my blog! Would love you to visit my website too:
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