Welcome to the Holistic Journaling™ blog!

It’s all about  journaling …. how it inspires, soothes, heals, and opens you to the world around you and the amazing world within you! 

I’m Jill Boileau, founder of Holistic Journaling. I live in Montreal, Quebec/Canada – and I’m so blessed to be teaching & facilitating journaling courses and workshops here & around North America. Truly one of the very best life-tools, journal writing is holistic in its very nature—and that’s why I named my practice Holistic Journaling(I get asked that a lot!).

Did you know that journal writing is empirically proven to wonderfully & positively impact mental and physical health and spirit? You’ll be astonished what appears at the end of your pen – and how it can enrich & heal you in many ways – when you gift yourself the time to journal.

On the Holistic Journaling™ blog I’ll be posting springboard thought-provokers, directing you to some fantastic articles from around the web, and sharing original writings  of my own & inspiring writings from our courses & workshops (the later anonymously and with the author’s permission of course!).

Something you’d like to see on the blog? Comments about the blog? Let me know! I love hearing from you.

And – it would be really nifty if you drop me a line about how journaling has baffled you, impacted you, supported you, or changed your life. Contact form below or email me directly at: jill.holisticjournaling@gmail.com

Blessings and Happy Inklings!!


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  1. KD Bota says:

    Jill, love this blog idea! Happy Inklings … brilliant! 🙂 ~ Karen

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