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7 reasons why you should write down your favourite memories now

Article by Michael McQueen MAY 01, 2015 I learned the true significance of written memories when I was 22 years old when my father died suddenly and unexpectedly. Within the space of a few hours, I went from talking to Dad over … Continue reading

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“I wrote so I could say I was truly paying attention…”

Wonderful article in The New Yorker by Alice Gregory! Dear Diary, I Hate You Reflections on journals in an age of overshare. BY ALICE GREGORY I suspect that many people who don’t keep a diary worry that they ought to, … Continue reading

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Remember to accentuate the positive

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be  The candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  ― Edith Wharton I’ve said many times that if someone were ever to read my early journals, it would appear  that I led a … Continue reading

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Loss of soulmate inspires journal writing and leads to a book

The best way to start and to write a journal, for maximum health and wellness benefits, is to write with the absolute intention that: NO ONE will ever read what you write. Journaling with this unwavering intent frees you to release your truth … Continue reading

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100 Benefits to Journal Writing

  Stress reduction: Reduces the scatter in your life Increases focus Brings stability Offers a deeper level of learning, order, action and release Holds thoughts still so they can be changed and integrated Processes your stuff in a natural and … Continue reading

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