Journaling Through Transitions

102-0224_IMGOffered as a 8-week course (2 hours per week), a full-weekend workshop, or private one-on-one sessions.
Contact: to schedule.

Today our lives seem to move at a faster pace than ever before. When we go through change – which happens to all of us – we often don’t have the time or tools to mentally or emotionally process our transitions. When we don’t process them completely, it’s like accumulating rocks in a bag that you have to carry around every single day.

Journaling Through Transitions, a course offered by Holistic Journaling Ink, helps you navigate past & current change and gain insights. It helps you and explore the rich lessons and potential personal growth that you can find in change and will be able to use for the consequential life changes that you will pilot in the future. It also:

  • helps you recognize the significance of your life transitions
  • reveals the process of transition
  • provides invaluable tools to navigate transition
  • enables you to thoroughly process transitions emotionally
  • gives you the freedom to move forward with a clearer vision and a ‘lighter load’

Who should take Journaling Through Transitions?
Those who:

  • have experienced or are facing emotional life changes
  • want to gain the valuable life lessons from life changes
  • are dealing with divorce
  • have suffered loss and want to move on
  • are facing or currently experiencing ’empty nest’
  • dealing with career change
  • graduating from university & facing ‘real life’
  • or someone you know is dealing with a life-altering illness (such as traumatic head injuries, etc.)
  • want to compliment your psychotherapy to process change or transition more quickly or thoroughly

“I hadn’t stopped to realize or appreciate how many transitions I’ve truly been through in the past few years – or that I’d never processed them completely – until I took this course. I feel so much lighter, having dealt with some of my life-transitions during the classes. And I feel confident that I can move through transitions more wisely in the future. Amazing.”

Offered as a 8-week course (2 hours per week), a full-weekend workshop, or private one-on-one sessions. Contact: to schedule.


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