Holistic Journaling Classes & Workshops

Currently Holistic Journaling™ offers the following courses and workshops

(No writing or creative skills necessary!)

Journaling to the Self®

A course designed by journaling pioneer Kathleen (Kay) Adams, founder of The Center for Journal Therapy. I was fortunate to be personally trained and certified to teach and facilitate this course by Kay herself!

Learn several great journaling techniques that allow you to journal effectively & satisfyingly for 5 minutes–or 5 hours., whichever fits your needs & lifestyle. You can gain insight into your present, past, and future; de-stress; recognize synchronicity; address issues; get organized; improve memory; and have fun!! Best of all, you’ll be blessed with the magical camaraderie that always happens among journalers.

 “This course was more informative & dynamic than I could have expected! It made me more connected to myself and my needs. I have thoroughly enjoyed the class & feel lighter and enlightened.”

Journaling Through Transitions

Given the complex and rapid nature of change today, we need powerful and effective tools to help manage our major life transitions. In this workshop you will learn about the three necessary psychological stages of emotional transitions and how each stage can add to your self-discovery.

We’ll learn and practice proven journal-writing techniques & strategies to navigate change, gain insight, and explore the rich lessons and potential you can find & use for the significant life changes you’re facing now and will pilot in the future.

“I hadn’t stopped to realize or appreciate how many transitions I’ve truly been through in the past few years – or that I’d never processed them completely – until I took this course. I feel so much lighter, having dealt with some of my life-transitions during the classes. And I feel confident that I can move through transitions more wisely in the future. Amazing.”

(Available in group or one-on-one formats)


SelfSight™ , an original course which I designed, instructs and inspires you to discover, explore, and harmonize all facets of your unique personality. This process can provide very useful benefits, and facilitate growth toward your highest potential and most authentic Self.

This is a journaling adventure that offers enlightening insight and is founded in the belief that Self-awareness and the cultivation of inner harmony are invaluable tools for personal growth and, ultimately, for our world.

The importance of understanding the Self: To know, understand, and accept your Self is to have ultimate freedom. It sets you free to be your best you, to tap into untold inner resources, and to experience everything around you from a new, illuminated perspective.

(Available in group or one-on-one formats)


If you’re interested in one of these courses, or would like me to hold a workshop in your area, please contact me by email: jill.holisticjournaling@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy Inklings!


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