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Journaling prompts that could be essential

Today I ran across the following article in the Huffington Post Healthy Living section. It’s derived from Martha Beck’s latest book, The Martha Beck Collection: Essays for Creating Your Right Life, Volume One. So many of us ask ourselves the questions brought … Continue reading

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An Inner Sense of Safety

A couple of weeks ago in a Journal to the Self® course I was facilitating for the wonderful non-profit organization Nisa Support, the subject of “Safe” came up. The essential importance of feeling safe, having an inner sense of safety, and how many aspects of Self and life are profoundly affected by having it or not having it…. Continue reading

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Announcing The Jianya Weekend Retreat – Relax. Renew. Be inspired.

Hi everyone! I’m sooooo excited to announce the first annual Jianya Weekend Retreat, taking place September 21, 22, 23!! I’ve partnered with celebrated artist, Anna Kornycheva to create this truly unique & illuminating weekend of Holistc Journaling and Intuitive Painting –  which … Continue reading

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100 Benefits to Journal Writing

  Stress reduction: Reduces the scatter in your life Increases focus Brings stability Offers a deeper level of learning, order, action and release Holds thoughts still so they can be changed and integrated Processes your stuff in a natural and … Continue reading

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Law of Attraction “As If” Journaling to Manifest Your Desires

June 23, 2012 I’m happy to share this article with you, written by Leo Collins. To what he writes, I would like to add another thing for you to consider: to broaden your perspective beyond self. I encourage you to … Continue reading

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